The Gavio Group was founded in the early 1900s in Castelnuovo Scrivia, in the province of Alessandria, operating in the haulage of wheat and agricultural products with horse-drawn carriages.

Thanks to continuous investment, the passion that the Gavio family has always had for the road haulage industry and the emphasis placed on its employees, today the Gavio Group is one of the foremost experienced professionals in the logistics and haulage sector.

The Autosped G Group structure encompasses approximately 2,000 employees, utilizing a fleet of approximately 3,700 vehicles including tractors, trailers and semi-trailers belonging to the group.

April 2024

Autospedg acquires 30% of Giordo S.r.l., based in Genoa, which operates as a Freight Forwarder, Maritime Agency, and Logistics Operator.

April 2024

Autospedg divests 50% of its equity in Rail Hub Europe S.p.A. to Medlog Holding Italia S.r.l.

January 2024

Meritrans S.r.l. acquires 100% of the shares of E4M S.r.l., which was established from the Transport division of CTS S.r.l. within the Gi.Ber. Group.

December 2023

Autoservice 24 S.r.l. acquires 100% of the shares of GE.DI. S.r.l. from the Gi.Ber. Group.

December 2023

G&A S.p.A. acquires 25% stake in S.r.l. from the Gi.Ber. Group.

December 2023

Giordo Trasporti S.r.l. is merged by absorption into Autosped S.p.A.

November 2023

Valsecchi S.r.l. is merged by absorption into FA Chemical Logistic S.r.l.

May 2023

Autospedg S.p.A. acquires 100% of Giordo Trasporti S.r.l. from the Metco Group.

December 2022

G&A S.p.A. acquires 80% of the capital of Ferrari Aldo Trasporti S.r.l., a company operating in the transport of chemicals and waste.

October 2022

Tomato Farm S.p.A. acquires 51% of Lisante Service S.r.l., a startup specializing in bamboo transformation.

April 2021

On April 8, 2021, in order to boost the “Motorsport” business concerned with the transportation and sale of racing tires in Europe and especially in Germany, the German company Autosped GmbH, was set up, with Autosped G S.p.A. as its sole shareholder.

October 2020

On October 21, 2020 G&A S.p.A. acquired a 75% stake in Meritrans from Kuwait Petroleum Italia S.p.A.

October 2019

Autosped G S.p.A. acquired a 100% stake in the subsidiary Tra.N.Sider S.p.A., a haulage business company operating in the steel industry. By a notarial instrument dated December 23, 2019, the wholly owned subsidiary Tra.N.Sider S.p.A. was merged by incorporation into Autosped G S.p.A.

March 2018

Truck Rail Container S.p.A. purchases from Autosped G S.p.A. the branch of the company working in overland container transportation for third parties. Truck Rail Container S.p.A. becomes the main company within the Gavio Trasporti Group in the area of container haulage.
Autosped G S.p.A. acquires OMT S.p.A. shareholdings, held by SEA S.p.A. and Sinelec S.p.A. (associated companies as they belong to the same Group as Autosped G). OMT S.p.A. is a company working in the production and distribution of tankers, semi-trailers and container ships, and becomes, thanks to the equity already held, sole shareholder.

February 2018

The Hungarian company G&W Transport Hungary KFT is established, in which Autosped G S.p.A. has a 70% stake in the share capital. The company carries out cryogenic product road haulage activities on behalf of third parties within Hungary.

December 2017

Rail Hub Europe S.p.A. leases the branch of the company relating to terminal activity from Rivalta Terminal Europa S.p.A.

November 2017

The company Rail Hub Europe S.p.A. is set up, with its primary activity being the management and operation of terminals and centers fully equipped for intermodal transportation, the promotion, organization and sale, in domestic and international traffic, of combined transportation of containers and swap bodies.
The company Truck Rail Container S.p.A. is set up having as its main activity the operation of road haulage on its own behalf and/or on behalf of third parties, with its own and/or third party vehicles.

May 2017

The plan for the merger by incorporation of the parent company Gavio S.p.A. into Autosped G S.p.A. is approved.

June 2014

Autoservice 24 S.r.l. is established in order to manage auto workshop activities for the maintenance, repair and inspection of company vehicles.

February 2014

Gavio S.p.A. acquires control of IONE Solutions srl.

January 2014

Autosped G S.p.A. cedes to G&A S.p.A., the branch of the business concerned with petroleum product road haulage; G&A S.p.A. becomes the main Gavio Trasporti Group company for trucking petroleum products.

December 2013

Gavio S.p.A. acquires control of Tomato Farm S.p.A.

November 2012

Autosped G S.p.A. commences container haulage by train, in combination with container road haulage.

August 2011

Established under Romanian law, the company Autosped International S.r.l. bases its headquarters in Cluj, Cluj Napoca.

December 2004

Gavio S.p.A. acquires control of G&A S.p.A., OMT spa, Gavio & Torti S.p.A., Terminal San Giorgio S.p.A., Transpe S.p.A.

December 1990

Autosped G S.p.A. acquires control of Transider S.p.A.

February 1985

Gavio S.p.A. is established with headquarters in Castelnuovo Scrivia.

February 1964

Autosped is established with headquarters in Castelnuovo Scrivia.