Transpe S.p.A.

Oil, Gas and Chemical

Transpe S.p.A. commercial activity revolves around product provision to the customer’s warehouses with haulage from the principal refineries and port sites in Italy and France, using dedicated semi-trailers for primary transportation. Currently, the company has over 80 semi-trailers, towed with their own vehicles or qualified carriers.

The company also offers product distribution services from the customer’s warehouse to destinations located within Piedmont and Liguria.

The company also has 45 specific semi-trailers with liter-counter devices to make split deliveries to road distribution systems.

For several years, Transpe S.p.A. has been transporting industrial gases which, due to their property or purity features, require transportation by dedicated semi-trailers to avoid contamination.

Since 2018, the vehicle fleet has seen the addition of two cryogenic semi-trailers for LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) transportation with loading in France and distribution throughout Italy. This growth activity will see, in the near-term, the addition of two more vehicles.

Currently, the owned vehicle fleet is made up of over 70 tractor units of a maximum 6 years of age, all included in a maintenance program directly managed by the manufacturer.

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Share Capital EUR 400,000 fully paid up
R.E.A. [Economic and Administrative Index]  No. AL-159160 Business Reg. O1410840068 (AL)
TAX CODE/VAT NO. 01410840068 Road Haulers’ Registry

Administrative Office:
Viale Europa, 25
15053 Castelnuovo Scrivia (AL)

Ph. +39 0131 037300
Fax +39 0131 037400