Vehicles to fulfil any requirement for liquid waste transportation

The waste transportation sector has appropriate vehicles and equipment to fulfil any liquid waste transportation requirement, providing customers with iron and stainless steel tanks with a single compartment, or two- or three-compartments of various capacities. All our tanks are also authorized for ADR transportation.

Vehicles are also equipped with suction pumps, capable of extracting waste from silos, underground tanks, settling tanks and cisterns, in addition to being equipped with all the necessary apparatus to connect to all kinds of systems and pipework for the loading and drainage of water, solvents and acids.

Although the activity at FA Chemical Logistic – a specialist company within the AutospedG holding company – is tanker haulage, in order to meet the increasing demand for transporting waste in drums, tanks or big bags, the company has equipped itself with curtain sided trailers equipped with fixed or height-adjustable roof and retractable covering devices, authorized for the haulage of waste according to ADR protocols.

The vehicle fleet is completed by 10 walking floors for the transportation of RDF (refuse-derived fuel), waste deriving from the sifting of solid urban waste, wood chips and loose shredded waste.

The waste transportation service is also carried out on a flatbed, both for hazardous and non-hazardous special waste.