Major sporting events


Beginning in 2008, activity in the sector sees the company engaged in the supply of transportation, assistance and tire sales services for major national and international events such as the World Rally Championship, Ferrari Challenge, Supertrofeo Lamborghini, SRO GT Competition, ACI (Italy) and ADAC (Germany).

Commercial activities in the Motorsports area are rounded off by the hospitality transportation and preparation service for F1 Grand Prix races held in Europe, as well as assistance and support for events and marketing activities organized by the leading car manufacturers.

Road tire testing

Since 2020, Autosped has also been a supplier for the Testing service for road tires.


Since 2021 Autosped has been the official supplier of logistics services for the main European soccer events.

Companies within the Industry

Autosped G S.p.A.

Autosped GmbH