Vehicle Construction

Vehicle Construction

OMT follows the development of technology both in the field of new materials and in the field of production processes, in turn specializing in the production of trailers and semi-trailers for petroleum products (diesel and gasoline), bitumen, chemicals, LPG, water as well as container carriers.

Efficiency and professionalism are the company’s foundation criteria, able to draw on its qualified personnel and constant search for innovative techniques to improve its products and services.

Thanks to the range of tankers produced over the years, OMT has acquired the experience and skills that allow it to better respond to the demands of the international market

Every customer and every country has its own demands: this is why OMT can provide an extremely flexible production of semi-trailers and tractors, and is capable of responding to any market demand.

It also boasts various quality certifications at Italian national, European and international levels.

Companies within the Industry

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