Food and Feed

Transportation of food liquids and powders

Autosped has put into place a policy of major investment that has seen it grow exponentially in this particular sector and consolidate its domestic presence.

The food sector vehicle fleet consists of single- and multi-chamber tanks with a capacity of 32,000/34,000 liters, in AISI 304 stainless steel, used for the transportation of food liquids and silos for food powders.

The tanks are built so they can maintain the product to be transported at a constant temperature by means of increased polyurethane insulation according to the ATP protocol and by means of an autonomous heating system. The tanks are also suitable for the transportation of hazardous food products as they are built in accordance with ADR regulations.

The tankers are also equipped with either compressors or electric or hydraulic pumps that allow the transported product to be unloaded completely independently; according to specific requirements, some tankers are also equipped with a sterile filter allowing product transportation and unloading to take place under sterile conditions.

The haulage carried out throughout the entire domestic network as well as in France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands is concerned with BEVERAGES (alcohol, tea, fruit juices, wine and its derivatives) and raw materials for both INDUSTRY (glucose, fructose, fruit and vegetable concentrates, starches, vegetable fats and oils) and for the DAIRY sector (milk, cream, whey).

The vehicle fleet is rounded off by the single-chamber silos; these can be tipped for the handling of food powders, have a capacity of 60,000 liters and are equipped with compressors that allow the product to be unloaded independently. The haulage is carried out not only throughout the entire domestic network but also in France, Switzerland, Austria and Germany with products such as starch, gluten, flour, sugar, coffee and various cereals.

Companies within the Industry

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