Logika S.r.l. operates as a unique partner for the industry by offering a wide range of services in the field of logistics.

The company operates from the warehouses of the Gavio logistics center in Tortona, which is located within the Milan-Turin-Genoa industrial triangle.

Logika was formed to respond to the demands of major industrial groups within the food sector and specializes in the management of primary products from countries of origin to production plants.

Cocoa and coffee account for the majority of products handled.

Over the years, Logika has created new transport systems, bringing with them quality and cost benefits for its customers.

Several negative factors exist that can alter cocoa and coffee quality, during both their transportation and storage.

Logika therefore specializes in these stages, by carefully monitoring them and verifying that the loads do not undergo thermal changes, never hit too high a temperature, and that the environment is moisture-free.

Logika is concerned with the organization relating to the transfer of goods from their ports of arrival to fully equipped warehouses. The features of these warehouses comply with the relevant regulations in force, ensuring the product’s correct keeping.

On receipt of the goods, appropriate quantitative and qualitative checks are carried out, providing analyses and samples.

In some instances, the product is handled within the warehouses, and its packaging is changed.

Logika uses a highly efficient transport system to plan with customers the “just in time” arrival of their goods, both in Italy and abroad.

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