Industrial Washing, Vehicle Repair Shop and Inspection Center

Carbonara Scrivia (AL) tanker cleaning comprises a team of professionals working to provide a fast, professional service to all customers.

At the Carbonara Scrivia site, all tanks which have contained foodstuffs, both liquid and loose or powdered, are washed. Tanker cleaning is also carried out for tankers that have transported non-food substances.

The installation consists of three cleaning lanes, two dedicated to food and one to non-food.

All cleaned tanks are resealed with irremovable seals that ensure cleansing and disinfection before the next load.

Autoservice 24 provides a fast, professional and comprehensive assistance service to industrial vehicle fleets. The round-the-clock service carried out by the technicians in shifts means constant assistance and allows companies to reduce their machine downtimes.

There is also a state-of-the-art vehicle inspection center, built in 2018, where pre-inspections of vehicles are carried out and where subsequent inspections are performed by engineers from MCTC, Italy’s DMV, as required by law.

Lavaggio industriale, Gruppo Gavio Trasporti

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