Autosped G S.p.A. maintains a presence in various sectors and offers high quality haulage services thanks to a varied, regularly upgraded fleet, together with flexibility in its service provision.

The company maintains its domestic presence over four branches: Carbonara (AL), Novi Ligure (AL), Dalmine (BG) and Naples.

All offices enjoy strategic positioning within the immediate vicinity of a highway or arterial road access in order to guarantee an efficient and effective service to all customers.

The AutospedG S.p.A. headquarters is located 500 meters from the Castelnuovo Scrivia highway exit, on the A10 Milan – Genoa km highway, occupying an area of about 50,000 square meters that holds administrative offices, heavy vehicle cleaning, testing and inspection center, vehicle repair shop, vehicle refueling pumps, tire specialist and a vehicle parking area with more 100 spaces.

General Cargo Division:

over 100 vehicles equipped with the latest generation dump bodies for the transportation of soil and rubble; the dump bodies are equipped with a retractable tarp and hermetic seal.

Cryogenic Division:

over 160 vehicles operating throughout Italy and Europe for industrial gases haulage (argon, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen etc).

Food Sector (liquid and loose):

more than 70 tankers dedicated to liquid and loose product transportation, including a section for alcohol transportation and about 20 containers used for the transportation of loose food. This sector is rounded off by about 100 containers for the transportation of fresh product transportation during tomato season.

Animal Feed Sector:

over 30 vehicles (including semi-trailers and trailer-trucks) for the transportation of animal feed.

Steel Sector:

over 110 tractors and 150 trailers dedicated to the transportation of iron, coils, prefabs, equipment and accessories for construction, in addition to oversize haulage.

Motorsport Sector:

with a fleet of about 25 vehicles equipped with tire racks and motorhomes operating in the main Italian, European and world driving championships.

Vehicle Inspections

Test and inspection centers are at the Castelnuovo Scrivia (AL) and Novi Ligure (AL) branches, where weekly sessions are held, coordinated by Officers from the Alessandria regional office of the M.C.T.C.

In-house Workshop 

24-hour availability of auto and tire shop both at the headquarters in Castelnuovo Scrivia (Al) and at the headquarters in Novi Ligure (Al).

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Share Capital EUR 12,000,000 fully paid up
R.E.A. [Economic and Administrative Index] No. AL-84626 Business Reg. 00153880067 (AL)
TAX CODE/VAT NO. 00153880067
Reg’d Road Haulers’ Registry

Administrative Office:
Viale Europa, 25
15053 Castelnuovo Scrivia (AL)

Ph. +39 0131 037300
Fax  +39 0131 037400


Viale Europa, 25
15053 Castelnuovo Scrivia (AL)
Ph. +39 0131 037300

Operational Headquarters:

Carbonara Scrivia (AL)

Via Tortona, 28
15050 Carbonara Scrivia (AL)
Ph. +39 0131 893512

Dalmine (BG)

Via Lombardia S.S. 525 s.n.
24044 Dalmine (BG)
Ph. +39 035 4516219


Via Pietro Chiesa, 1
16149 Genova
Ph. +39 010 467300

Novi Ligure (AL)

Strada Boscomarengo, 16
15067 Novi Ligure (AL)
Ph. +39 0143 743192

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