Tr.E. Oil Transport S.r.l.

Oil, Gas and Chemical

Tr.E. Tr.E Oil Transport S.r.l. operates in the transportation of dangerous goods, with a fleet of vehicles consisting of about 70 tankers of various sizes, 2 and 3 axles/single-axle/long combination vehicles and tractors equipped with hydraulic pump, hose, multiproduct liter-counter, and satellite.

The company was established on July 1, 2012, to seal a project between G&A S.p.A. and Europam S.r.l. the aim of which was to create an organized distribution network to achieve maximum efficiency by combining an optimization of costs/time/distances and always paying the utmost attention and respect to issues connected with the environment and worker health and safety.

Tr.E. Oil Transport ensures and offers excellent services underpinned by the tracking of the entire supply chain via remote control and IT systems, unique in their class and communicating with the loading bases, vehicle, driver and consignor.

After 10 years in operation, thanks to the sacrifice and dedication of all the staff, the company has been able to establish itself within the marketplace as one of the chief Italian companies in the secondary oil distribution sector, an activity that includes supplying public service to apartment buildings, barracks, hospitals, agricultural businesses, road service stations, ship bunkering and their combined activities.

The distribution chain is guaranteed and fully computerized from the receipt of order to the loading and delivery and unloading of the ordered goods.

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Share Capital EUR 2,050,000 fully paid up
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