Tomato Farm S.p.A.

Processing industries

Tomato Farm S.p.A. is a modern cannery specializing in the production of semi-processed tomato-based products – conventional and organic –  for industrial use and in Horeca/Foodservice.

The plant is located in Pozzolo Formigaro (AL) and has been owned by the Autosped Group since 2013.

Tomato Farm S.p.A. was founded in 2006 by an agricultural entrepreneur from Tortona, a specialist in the cultivation of industrial tomatoes, so he could make the most of his product by directly processing it at the area of origin.

In fact, Tomato Farm S.p.A. is the only plant in Piedmont specializing in processing tomatoes for the production of intermediate products for industrial use and in the Horeca/Foodservice sector.

Since 2013 Tomato Farm S.p.A. has been owned by the Autosped Group, which over the years has kept investing in machinery and spaces, making it one of Italy’s most hi-tech and modern companies.

In 2017, Tomato Farm S.p.A. decided to enter the Horeca/Foodservice arena thanks to the acquisition of an aseptic bag (bag in box) packaging plant.

The decision gains success, making Tomato Farm S.p.A. the go-to supplier for numerous catering professionals, both in Italy and worldwide.

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Share Capital EUR 3,000,000 fully paid up
R.E.A. [Economic and Administrative Index]  No. AL-223642
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