Processing industries

Food Preservation

In season, the production capacity of Tomato Farm, exceeds 100,000 metric tons of processed raw material, equivalent to about 35,000 metric tons of finished product.

Thanks to three latest generation production lines, the company is able to convert over 1,500 tons of fresh tomatoes per day, guaranteeing excellent quality standards.

Packaging used for the industrial sector includes 230 kg tapered cylinder drums, 900 kg big bags and 1300 kg goodpacks.

As far as the Horeca /Foodservice sector goes, a system able to package the produced products into aseptic bags (bag in box) in 5, 10 and 20 kg formats is utilized.

Clientele includes leading processing companies, importers and distributors, both in Italy and abroad.

The plant holds the main certifications required by the market (IFS, BRC, Kosher, Halal, Organic Certification etc.)

Through its technicians, Tomato Farm S.p.A. directly follows the entire production chain:

1) in-greenhouse seed planting: choice of variety and greenhouse transplantation program on the basis of the withdrawal plan agreed with the P.Os.;
2) from seed to seedling: delivery of the seedlings to farm for the in-field planting stage;
3) transplantation: Tomato Farm technicians, together with the PO., monitor the transplantation stages and the correct rooting of the seedlings on a farm-by-farm basis;
4) cultivation: the entire cultivation and specification application stage is technically controlled by Tomato Farm, although always in collaboration with the P.O.;
5) harvesting: the harvesting and transfer to the processing plant are agreed with the P.O. and the farmers themselves, in accordance with the processing timetables put in place weekly by Tomato Farm;
6) packaging: occurs directly on site. The sterilized product is inserted mechanically in aseptic bags in the size requested by the customer;
7) marketing.

Processing and characterisation of bamboo

Lisante Service S.r.l. is a leading company in the green sector, specialised in the processing and characterisation of bamboo.

Green innovation – Sustainable solutions

We are the first company in Europe specialised in the processing and characterisation of bamboo. We provide sustainable solutions for the industry, respecting the environment and the planet.

Evergreen forest – Inexhaustible source of “vegetable steel”

Bamboo forests, in addition to providing “vegetable steel”, purify heavily polluted soils and release large quantities of oxygen into the air. With its rapid growth, bamboo is an inexhaustible source of precious material, and has the potential to replace the need for wood.