Terminal San Giorgio S.r.l.

Logistics, Terminals and Containers

Terminal San Giorgio S.r.l. is a port terminal with an operation totaling about 900 ships per year, capable of handling all types of good, such as containers, trailers, cars and general cargo (project cargo, yachts); it can simultaneously accommodate 3 Ro-Ro ships and 6 Lo-Lo ships with 1600 meters of total mooring line and is equipped with a large fleet of vehicles for the handling of any type of good:

  • High capacity mobile cranes: 4 with capacities from 100 to 150 metric tons
  • Pick and carry cranes: 10 with capacities up to 45 metric tons
  • Shunt trucks: 21 with traction capacity up to 120 metric tons
  • Turntables (MAFI): 70 with capacities up to 120 metric tons
  • Covered warehouse: 11,000 square meters
  • Railway connection: 2 railway lines
  • Reefer fuel pumps: 90
  • IMO container inventory: 150 TEUs
  • Customs Checks Area: 10 covered positions per container
  • VGM certified truck scale: 2 with capacities up to 50 metric tons (for non-containerized cargo)
  • Gate automation: RFID reader and OCR cameras
  • Security measures as provided for by the ISPS code: complete perimeter fencing with video surveillance and round-the-clock security guarding 24 hours a day. Access control for persons and vehicles.

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Share Capital EUR 5,000,000 fully paid up
REA [Economic and Administrative Index] – 408682
TAX CODE/VAT NO. 01425220991