Valsecchi S.r.l.


Valsecchi S.r.l. has as its core business the transportation of both liquid and solid hazardous and non-hazardous special waste, distinguishing itself for the scrupulous attention with which it carries out its services.

To fulfil customer haulage needs, Valsecchi S.r.l. offers single-, two- and three- compartment stainless steel tankers, across a range of capacities, authorized and tested for haulage under the ADR protocol.

Most tanker trailers are also equipped with suction pumps, able to recover liquid waste from silos, underground tanks, settling basins, as well as from tanks and drums, and are equipped with all the necessary fittings to connect to plants and all types of pipework for the loading and drainage of water, solvents and acids.

The company also has a height-adjustable, retractable cover flatbed for general cargo and pelletized waste, and walking-floor trailers for bulk and palletized solid waste.

The vehicle fleet is comprised of the following vehicle types:

  • 25 Oleodynamic system-equipped tractor units
  • 18 Semi-trailers with suction pump-equipped steel tankers
  • 4 Semi-trailers with steel tankers for chemical and waste products
  • 1 Semi-trailer with insulated steel tanker
  • 10 “Walking-Floor” semi-trailers
  • 1 Curtainsider semi-trailer equipped with adjustable height roof and retractable cover

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Share Capital EUR 115,000 fully paid up
R.E.A. [Economic and Administrative Index]  No. MI-1980955 Business Reg. O2559400102 (MI)
TAX CODE O2559400102
VAT NO. 03707090100
Reg’d Road Haulers’ Registry

Administrative Office:
Viale Europa, 25
15053 Castelnuovo Scrivia (AL)

Ph. +39 0131 037300
Fax +39 0131 037400